Core Skills

Core Skills training involves four or five 12 hour sessions. Each session is designed for a small group of participants (12-16) to explore and refine the skills used in the EFT model. Each session will include practical instruction, experiential exercises, video examples, and case consultation. Those who complete Core Skills Training meet the requirements for an advanced externship and group supervision necessary to apply for certification as an EFT therapist.

(See ICEEFT for certification requirements).

Dates and Topics
January 2014 Session 1: Assessment / Working with Emotion

June 2014 Session 2: Processing Patterns, Attachment Themes, & Cycle De-escalation

July 2014 Session 3: Restructuring Positions: Withdrawer Engagement

To be determined: Session 4: Restructuring Positions: Pursuer / Blamer Softening / Consolidation

To be determined: Session 5: Enhancement or Make Up Session


Sessions will be held at Stellenbosch University: Psychology Department, Wilcox building


9 - 12; 1:00 - 5:00 (1 Hour Lunch)
9:30 - 3:30 - (Working Lunch)

Participant Requirements
This program is designed for therapists who have completed a four-day EFT externship and desire enhanced training in the EFT approach. The typical participant includes participation with clinical training in couple therapy and a beginning to moderate level of experience using EFT with couples. Participants agree to meet all of the following requirements:

Read Dr. Susan Johnson's The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy: Creating Connection. (2004) Routledge Press.
Completed an ICEEFT approved 4-day externship in EFT.
Maintain an active therapy practice that includes couple therapy using EFT
Seek EFT individual supervision during the course of the core skills training.
Acquire a video camera with external microphone for recording therapy sessions. (It is the participant's responsibility to provide a recording that has sufficient clarity to be heard and seen in a group setting.)
Complete assigned reading or workbook assignments between each core skills meeting.
Acquire a signed release form from couples to record (video/audio) and permission to use this material as a part of the consultation prior to presenting material in the training sessions.
Complete an EFT session note form and provide copies for each member prior to presenting.

Outline for presentations

In order to receive total credit for advanced core skills training, the participant needs to present once during the 4 weekends. The presentation can be in video or audio form. Audiotapes must be accompanied by a transcript of 10 minutes of the session. Time spent on the presentation will vary from 30 min to 1 hr. During this time the therapist will present the case for 5 minutes (outline to follow), show a clip of 10 - 15 minutes of the session and allow for 15 minutes for discussion and questions. It is not required that the case be specific to the Steps being discussed but the case must be a session that is EFT in orientation.

Possible outline for the case presentation:

1. Who is the couple? - ages, work, marital status, children, previous marriages
2. What is the presenting problem? What is the history behind the presenting problem? Previous therapy experience
3. Relationship history - previous attachment injuries
4. Attachment history - family of origin, sense of secure attachment, previous trauma or significant life events
5. Where is this session in the EFT process - number of sessions to date, what stage and steps are the couple working through - cycle definition - change events?
6. What are your questions for this session? For example - Where are the stuck places, what needs to happen next? What interventions do you find difficult?

The cost for each session is R2000. Payment for each session must be made in advance of the training.

Cancellations are subject to a R500 administrative fee and must be submitted in writing 14 days prior to the first session. If the training event is cancelled paid participants will receive a refund in full. The Core Skills event will be cancelled if less than 8 participants enroll.

CPD units are available at your request.

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